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Programs and Therapies at Learning Better Centre


The Tomatis Method is a sensorineural auditory stimulation.  Your ears stimulate your brain.  When your listening is challenged, the auditory system, which is a powerful sensory integrator, is disrupted.  This disruption can have major repercussions for your personal development and well-being.  By working on the reception and integration of sound through your ears, the Tomatis® Method helps stimulate your brain effectively and minimize listening challenges.  The Tomatis® Method is a pedagogical method that helps you listen better … not hear better.

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Through the use of dynamic filters inside the FORBRAIN® headphones, your sensory system is trained to more efficiently integrate sounds with other sensory input resulting in a number of major improvements.
 Your tone of voice becomes clearer and more distinct. Forbrain® helps improve not only the quality of your voice but also your ability to listen carefully and communicate.

 These and other changes have a positive impact at work, home and school. There are a number of Forbrain® applications that bring ease of living and enjoyment to all you do in your day.

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Cellfield is a neuroscientific reading program.  It improves auditory processing speed, improves visual processing speed, bonds auditory and visual functions, increases working memory capacity, improves attention, improves motivation, improves eye movement control, and synchronises data arriving at the left hemisphere.

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English Reading Fluency and Comprehension Assessments

We provide reading assessments to determine in which grade level the client is able to read.

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Visual-Motor Skills Tests

We provide visual-motor skills tests, exercises and practices.

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